Privacy Policy

Policy Privacy 
Disclosure pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and applicable national legislation 
1. General informations

Meridiane Artesole (hereinafter also referred to as "Company" or "Artesole") with this information you communicate the purposes and methods of data processing (by You conferred) of which it will be in possession.

2. Purposes

The data are collected in order to follow up on the registration request and the contract for the supply of the selected service and / or the purchased product, manage and execute the contact requests sent by the interested party, provide assistance, fulfill legal obligations and regulations that Artesole is held according to the activity exercised.

In no case Artesole resells the personal data of the interested party to third parties or uses them for undeclared purposes.

The data provided will be processed in particular: 
A. in order to register with the site, recognize yourself as a qualified user and let you access the areas and documentation of the reserved area (depending on the use indicated by you); 
B. to fulfill a legal obligation, a regulation or community legislation, for legitimate interests such as to assert or defend a right to Artesole in the appropriate offices; 
C. for promotional activities on Services/Products similar or related to those purchased by the Interested (Recital 47 GDPR).

3. Categories of collected data

The collected data belong to two categories:

a. Personal data (eg: name, surname, physical address, nationality, province and municipality of residence, landline and / or mobile phone, fax, social security number, e-mail address) 
b. Data of electronic traffic (Log, IP address of origin)

Artesole does NOT require the Data Subject to provide data c.d. "particulars", that is, according to the provisions of the GDPR (Article 9), personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical convictions, or union membership, as well as genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a natural person, data relating to the health or sexual life or sexual orientation of the person. In the event that the provision requested to Artesole imposes the processing of such data, the interested party will receive prior notice and will be required to give appropriate consent.

4. Mandatory nature of the provision

The provision of data indicated as mandatory in the form and required for the purposes referred to in point 2 lett. A of this information is optional for the purposes referred to in point 2 lett. A of this information and it is however essential to register on the site and access the services of the site itself. The provision of data indicated as optional is optional and failure to provide will not have any consequences on the ability to register on the site and access to the services of the site (such data can only be useful to better identify who is registered). It is clear that when you are not consenting to the processing of the data provided for the purposes indicated in point 2 lett. A of this information will not be able to register on the site and access the services of the site itself. 
The provision of data (personal data, address and other data required in the event of litigation or requests to exercise the rights for the purposes indicated in point 2 letter B of this information sheet) is necessary and failure to provide it makes it impossible to register. 
The conferment of consent for the promotional purposes indicated in point 2 lett. C.

5. Data recipient categories

The data may be communicated by Artesole for the purposes referred to in point 2 lett. B of this informative note (communicating only the data that are necessary for the pursuit of such purposes) to: judicial, tax police and public security authorities and public bodies (if there is an obligation to such communication) not that to law firms and legal consultants and post / shippers (being able to see the address for sending any written communications). For the purposes referred to in point 2 lett. The data will not be disclosed by Artesole. They will also have knowledge of the data on behalf of Artesole, each one for his role, all the subjects delegated by the Company (people involved in the mailing and shipping also outside the Company, marketing and site management also external to the Company, IT technicians, also external to the Company, who may perform system administrator duties and in this case are appointed as those who are in charge of the management of information systems, even outside the Company, which may perform system administrator duties and in this case are appointed such persons involved in relations with the public, even outside the Company, employees of the legal department, freelancers and consultants / collaborators, even outside the Company acting under the direct responsibility of the Company, such as for example legal consultants and IT technicians, collaborators of managers internal and external data processing) and responsible internal and external data processing (ex. companies that perform activities that are instrumental to those of Artesole such as marketing and dispatching or call center activities, management of relations with the public, management of IT systems, management of the website).

6. Data retention

The data will be kept for the entire period necessary for the pursuit of the purposes contained in this information. The data retention period is as follows:

o for legal obligations, regulations and community regulations, data may be kept for the periods imposed by these regulatory sources; 

o for the purposes referred to in point 2 lett. A of this information, the data may be kept until the revocation of consent or request for cancellation and in any case for no more than 10 years after the end of the service. 
in any case, all data may be kept for a period necessary to assert or defend a company right according to Italian and European regulations.

7. Data controller and Data Protection Officer

Holder of the processing of the data

8. Rights

We inform you that the GDPR provides the possibility for the data subject to ask the Data Controller (at the above addresses) to access personal data and to rectify or cancel them or limit their processing or to oppose their data. treatment, in addition to the right to data portability, as well as other rights contained in Chapter 3 of the GDPR including the revocation of consent, where provided: the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the treatment based on consent given before revocation.

9. Complaints

The interested party can always propose a complaint to a supervisory authority whose references can be found on the website

10. Juridical Base

The legal basis consists of legal obligations (Italian and European laws) as well as the legitimate interests of the holder in the customer-supplier relationship. Furthermore, for the purposes for which consent is provided, the legal basis is the consent itself. The treatment takes place in Italy.

11. Data of collaborators/employees

If you insert the references of the company / company / entity for which you work, you assume the obligation and responsibility to be authorized by that company / company / institution to enter the data and also assume the obligation and responsibility to inform the company / company / entity for which you work, of everything contained in this information.

12. Method of treatment

The data may be processed by the Company in paper, manual, IT and telematic (retaining and processing data both on paper and computer). All data referred to in the object will be stored and processed by the Company, taking all the measures necessary for their protection, in compliance with all current regulations (and therefore also in compliance with the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency and protection of confidentiality and rights) and with logic strictly related to the purposes indicated in this statement. Only the operations necessary to achieve the purposes indicated in this information will be performed on the data. The data will be stored, as far as the Company is concerned, at the Company's offices and by the data processors appointed by the Company (as well as by third parties indicated in this statement to which the data are communicated and who treat them as independent holders). The data will also be organized in databases - even informatic databases. 
Artesole imposes on the Third Party its suppliers and the Data Processors the respect of security measures equal to those adopted towards the interested party, restricting the perimeter of action of the Manager to the treatments connected to the requested service. 
Artesole does not transfer your personal data to countries where the GDPR (non-EU countries) is not applied, unless there are specific indications to the contrary for which you will be informed in advance and your consent will be requested if necessary. 
Note: The consent can be given only by persons over 16 years of age, if the person under 16 is not able to use what is provided for in the purposes for which consent is required (eg register). 
Information updated at 25/05/2018. This update is carried out within a policy of constant revision of the information. The versions of the previous information can be found by contacting the Data Controller (e-mail